Free and easy music can be magical and transforming. Our conference is designed for performers, teachers and students of all genres of music, as well as Alexander Technique teachers and trainees. Together we will explore how helping musicians find freedom helps them make their best music. The Alexander Technique offers both fundamental and refined concepts and instructions that can help support you in your learning and growth, helping build your awareness of “how” you make music so your musical intentions are better realized.

Our expanded conference hosts 22 presenters from around the world, teaching 17 workshops: 7 sessions address general topics pertinent to all musicians and 5 targeted sessions each are geared towards the specific needs of pianists and singers. Come bring your instruments and make music!

  • Debi Adams
  • Abigail Albaugh
  • James Blumer
  • Gabriella Minnes Brandes
  • Heather Campbell
  • Jennifer Condie
  • Shawn Copeland
  • Robyn Dixon Costa
  • Jay Foote
  • Heather Gardner
  • Jessica Goldring
  • Michael Hanko
  • Erin Huang
  • Heidi Brende Leathwood
  • Audrey Luna
  • Jean McClelland
  • Katherine Palumbo
  • Tim Pyper
  • Ann Rodiger
  • Eleanor Taylor
  • Ariel Weiss