Developed by Ann Rodiger and Ariel Weiss

Call For Presentations

We are beginning our plans for the 2020 Freedom to Make Music Conference to be held in New York City March 6 - 8, 2020.  Our conference theme for 2020 will be “Collaboration: Making Music with Others.”  

The Alexander Technique is fundamental to both a musician’s artistry and longevity in their career and can help musicians in the refined skill of collaborating with others for music making. We want to help musicians perform at their best, prevent injury and give students the tools to work with themselves to help in achieving their goals as a performing artist.  

Our goal is to create an Alexander Technique learning community for musicians, music teachers, AT teachers, trainees, and students.  This engaging and supportive environment can clarify and deepen our understanding of how the AT can be applied to all musical activities and help further the performer’s musical aspirations.



The 2020 conference will prioritize workshops for experiential learning, and also include Master Classes. We welcome proposals for presentations that address specific topics relevant to making music collaboratively such as:

  • Chamber Music

  • Improvisation

  • Accompanying

  as well as more general topics that would be relevant to all musicians such as:

  • Managing Performance Anxiety

  • Healthy Practice Habits

  • Audition Strategies

  • Warming Up the Musician

  • Collaboration: Performing in an Ensemble

  • Stage Presence

  • Strategies for Self-Care

Workshops and Master Classes will serve students at all levels of skill and understanding of the AT, from newcomer to trainee. Your presentation needs to be applicable to all students.  We anticipate that workshops will be 1.5 - 2 hours in length and limited to a maximum of 25 participants. We encourage participatory workshops where students have the opportunity to experiment with the concepts you present. All presentations should be aimed at supporting participants and giving them the agency to continue to improve on their own.

This year we are pleased to be adding a new opportunity for our conference participants and presenters. Conference participants will have the option to pay for a private lesson with conference presenters as part of their conference registration and will choose the presenter they’d like to work with. Privates will be half-hour in length and the fee will go directly to the teacher minus room rental fees. 

Deadline for Applications : Sept 13, 2019

Please include the following in your application:

  • Title of presentation. Specify if your presentation is geared towards
    Collaboration - or - General

  • Description of your presentation, including what specific aspects of collaboration OR how your topic will be relevant for all.
    Limit to 450 words

  • Specify if your presentation will be a Workshop or Master Class. If offering a Workshop, please include specifically how you will incorporate experiential learning for the group as a whole. If Master Class, please specify how many participants you can work with in a 90-minute session.

  • Your bio with years of AT teaching and specific experience pertaining to music and musicians. Limit to 350 words

  • Technical requirements needed for your presentation

Please submit your application to both Ariel and Ann at:  and If you would like to discuss your ideas with us or bounce off how to apply your idea to a broad group you are welcome to contact us. If your proposal is accepted, we will offer you full tuition to the conference. We expect to get back to you by October 15th regarding your participation. 


We also are excited to announce a new program Freedom to Make Music On Tour that will be launched this coming Fall and bring the best of our conference programming directly to music schools, departments and festivals. Freedom to Make Music conference presenters will be included as needed.

We look forward to receiving and reviewing your proposal and enriching our Alexander community as we share our work with an ever wider music community!

All the best to you,

Ariel Weiss and Ann Rodiger

Freedom to Make Music Directors